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It is an important diagnostic method used in the diagnosis of cytogenetic chromosomal diseases in the prenatal and postnatal periods. It is the process of chromosome analysis from peripheral blood, amnion fluid, chorionic villus biopsy material, abortion material, skin biopsy material, bone marrow and solid tissues (gonad, tumor tissue, etc.) for cytogenetic diagnosis.

Our Cytogenetics Laboratory, where we carry out these analyses, serves in the following areas.



  • Chromosome analysis from amniotic fluid
  • Chromosome analysis from chorionic (CVS) tissue culture
  • Chromosome analysis from cord blood
  • Chromosome analysis from pregnancy evacuation material
  • Fast Aneuploidy (13,18,21, X, Y) FISH panel
  • Fast Aneuploidy (13,18,21) FISH panel
  • Molecular Karyotyping (Microarray)


  • Chromosome analysis from peripheral blood
  • Chromosome analysis from skin etc. tissues
  • Chromosome analysis from bone marrow
  • Molecular Karyotyping (Microarray)

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