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Molecular Cytogenetics

These are techniques to demonstrate the presence of submicroscopic chromosomal abnormalities (microdeletion / microdublication), in which the resolution of conventional cytogenetic methods is not sufficient for molecular cytogenetic diagnosis. Molecular cytogenetics, the product of the combination of cytogenetics and molecular biology, increases the resolution of cytogenetic analysis and its effectiveness in diagnosis. It involves using a variety of molecular techniques to visualize one or more specific regions of the genome or all of them.

The main method of molecular cytogenetics is fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), and with this method, submicroscopic change in a specific chromosome can be demonstrated using labeled probes. Additionally, Array-CGH and Microarray analyzes, where unbalanced copy number changes (losses and gains) in all chromosomes are shown, are among the advanced Molecular Cytogenetic methods.

Our Molecular Cytogenetics Laboratory, where we carry out these analyses, serves in the following areas.

Molecular Cytogenetic Tests


  • Fast Aneuploidy (13,18,21, X, Y) FISH panel
  • Fast Aneuploidy (13,18,21) FISH panel
  • Molecular Karyotyping (Microarray)
  • Fast Aneuploidy (13,18,21, X, Y) FISH panel
  • Fast Aneuploidy (13,18,21) FISH panel
  • Microdeletion FISH analysis
  • Subtelomeric FISH analysis
  • FISH analysis with specific probes
  • FISH analysis in hematological malignancies
  • FISH analysis in solid tumors
  • Sperm FISH analysis (13, 18, 21, X and Y)

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