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Among the mission and goals of Mikrogen Reproductive Genetics Company, the first is to provide standard and reliable results and the other is to be among the first implementers of new technologies. Mikrogen strives to provide services and to be the best in all genetic diagnostic fields. The assurance of our belief in achieving these goals is that our enthusiasm on the first day of work still continues after 20 years.    

Today, Mikrogen is one of the largest genetic diagnosis service providers in Turkey with its staff consisting of approximately one hundred employees in two branches in Istanbul and Ankara. In recent years, our laboratory has started to provide service to many foreign clinics and centres and has become one of the major laboratories abroad with its national and international accreditations, high working discipline and determination. Mikrogen family is excited to serve in its own service building, which will be completed in the near future, will continue to grow with your trust and support.


Prof. Dr. Volkan Baltaci




Mikrogen provides reliable, standard and timely results,

In Mikrogen, quality and ethical values are indispensable,

Mikrogen has a wide range of tests,

Mikrogen works focusing on the patient and generates individual solutions,

Mikrogen is focused on reproductive medicine and contributes to the growth of healthy generations,

Mikrogen informs, guides and advises at any time,

Mikrogen is solution oriented and follows the test to the end,

Mikrogen provides prenatal, postnatal and preimplantation diagnosis of almost every disease,

Mikrogen does his job with love...


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