Why Mikrogen?

Shaping Healthier Future: Mikrogen's Genetic Excellence, Global Reach.

Mikrogen is an institution that has focused on reproductive medicine and rare disease screening for more than 20 years and contributes to the growth of healthy generations.

600,000 Genetic Reports

The Mikrogen team, which follows current technologies with its wide range of tests and device park, has produced more than 600,000 genetic test reports to date

Worldwide Service

Especially in overseas services where the demand for genetic counselling is very high, our medical geneticists inform patients and physicians through digital communication platforms.

Logictics Power

Mikrogen can provide widespread testing services to many countries within the scope of biological material transfer agreements with global logistics companies.

Effective Support

In addition, Mikrogen coordinators provide effective support to patients who come to our country to receive genetic diagnosis and testing services in all matters they need during their accommodation and stay.