PGT for Aneuploidy Screening


PGT-A refers to screening chromosomal constitution of embryos to identify and select euploid embryos for transfer.

The aim of this application is to :

  • Ensure higher implantation rate
  • Decrease spontaneous abortion rate
  • Prevent the birth of a syndromic child
  • Decrease time to achieve pregnancy.

PGT-A : Why Mikrogen?

  • It is the first laboratory in Turkey to use the NGS technology for PGT-A.
  • Mikrogen PGT-A tests are ISO 15189 accredited and have CEQAS external quality certificate.
  • Mikrogen uses the world’s leading NGS platforms and performs embryo studies with robotic systems.
  • Mikrogen embryologists perform biopsy applications on request.
  • With Mikrogen Express NGS services, test results are reported in 1.5 days allowing fresh embryo transfer.

Since the PGT-A procedure does not require patient-specific test preparation like other PGT techniques, it can be planned upon patient’s decision during the IVF treatment.

NGS technology is the most commonly used gold standard technology for aneuploidy screening and mosaicism detection.

Who is PGT-A applied to?

  • patients with advanced maternal age
  • patients with recurrent miscarriages despite normal karyotype
  • patients with implantation failures
  • patients with severe male infertility
  • patients with aneuploid fetus history