Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is the use of health and tourism opportunities by going to a country other than their place of residence in order to protect, improve or treat their health. In genetic services, within the scope of health tourism, the patient does not have to go outside the borders of the country. In this context, centres and clinicians who cannot provide genetic testing services in their own countries can have the tests their patients need abroad. They can choose appropriate tests under the consultancy of our experts and send biological materials to our laboratory within the framework of international transport rules.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is the intersection point between two continents. Having a qualified healthcare team, advanced technological devices and modern infrastructure, high quality standards of healthcare services and ease of transportation have made it stand out in health tourism. In some countries, health systems are not sufficient, costs are high, and patients from abroad come from various countries for treatment purposes due to the provision of qualified health services in our country.

Why Mikrogen?

Mikrogen is an institution that has focused on reproductive medicine and rare disease screening for more than 20 years and contributes to the growth of healthy generations. The Mikrogen team, which follows current technologies with its wide range of tests and device park, has produced more than 600,000 genetic test reports to date. Especially in overseas services where the demand for genetic counseling is very high, our medical geneticists inform patients and physicians through digital communication platforms. Mikrogen can provide widespread testing services to many countries within the scope of biological material transfer agreements with global logistics companies. In addition, Mikrogen coordinators provide effective support to patients who come to our country to receive genetic diagnosis and testing services in all matters they need during their accommodation and stay.

Tourist Health

In our institution, services are provided with advanced technology diagnostic methods related to health problems that may be experienced by foreign guests who come to our country for tourism purposes.