Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis, HLA (tissue-compatible sibling), carrier testing before pregnancy, prenatal detection of fetal anomalies with maternal blood, 24 Chromosome Screening (Array CGH)

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The treatment of genetic diseases is not usually available and the early diagnosis of genetic diseases is, therefore, of vital importance. Prenatal genetic diagnostic or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) prevents births with genetic diseases. On the other hand, cancers, some chronic disorders and predispositions can be detected at a very early stage through genetic testing today.

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Mikrogen Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory was established in 2005 and its services particularly focus on reproductive genetics. Our laboratory performs preimplantation genetic diagnosis applications with over 20 years experience, and also performs the screening of single - gene diseases, tests for HLA Typing for tissue - compatible sibling, Translocation cases as well as screening of 24 chromosomes in embryos with its experienced team.

Mikrogen Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory provides Turkey - wide laboratory services with its wide genetic test panel for public, private and university hospitals. Our laboratory is accredited with ISO7884 and our molecular and cytogenetic tests are accredited by the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network. We expand our services day by day in order to provide better services for you with our state-of-the-art technology device park in the laboratory, testing methods and our stable staff for many years.

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